We got your back!

The apps you need
  • Denon Extractor Tool (DeXT) part of the Denon Conversion Utility distribution
  • Rekordbox, the free preparation version from Pioneer's site will do fine
What is converted?
  • cues with names and colors
  • loops with names and colors
  • Rekordbox hot and memory banks are set identically
  • beatmarkers
  • bpm
  • star ratings
  • folder and playlist structure from Engine Prime to Rekordbox
  • all other metadata both platforms have in common such as genre, artwork, title etc
You are in control
Select what combination of folders/playlists needs to be converted (note crates can't be selected):
  • a few singled out playlists containing a few hundred tracks which is converted in under a minute when emergency strikes
  • complex selections of both folders and playlists after the spring cleaning of your collection
  • entire collection of thousands of tracks
Read what other artists say
reviews at the Denon Conversion Utility's Facebook page

Supported operating system
MacOS only (no Windows version planned)

Buy it here:
Sellfy.com is the distribution platform.
follow this link
Denon Conversion Utility for US$ 34,50 (includes DeXT)

Youtube video tutorials

  • from Denon Prime to Rekordbox basic procedure here
  • Lead up by Denon Prime playlists and history, not crates
  • the generated Rekordbox.XML can be used as source in DJCU to convert to Serato, Traktor, djay and iTunes