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Conversion apps and more for DJs

Who we are
A DJ collective from the Netherlands initiated by me, MixMasterG in the mid 80's. Over the years the members of the And The Groove Remains Production Team varied. At the turn of the century I decided to make room in the booth for the younger generation. Which doesn't mean my DJ heart died. My focus shifted from performing to eduaction and enabling. Each year I take on a few talented apprentices who I educate the craft of being a DJ. In the backgound I stil make bootlegs, remixes and keep my DJ skills up to speed

My mission
Sharing the over 36 years accumulated knowledge about the craft of being a DJ. The emphasize is on mix techniques and collection conversion and management for DJs.

My apps
All apps originated from personal needs. I've developed them for my use only. When other artists saw what my tools were capable off they wanted to use them too. The app development was never intended to be a profit center. That's why my apps are priced extremely affordable. I try to make the apps as user friendly as possible. When faced with a choice it's functionality leading over cosmetics, hence the sometimes geekish approach.

Swiss Army Knife
Every artist's workflow is different. That's why I build the apps modular. The apps can be used sequential, where one app's output can be the input for the next app. A bit like Lego building blocks. The apps themselves are developed modular internally. This enables extremely quick bug fixing, easy addition of new features and fast release of new versions.

User in control
All my apps are build for maximum efficiency and speed. I'm just a one man band, which means my resources are limited and when faced with a choice it's functionality over looks. I try to make my apps as user friendly as possible. I do apologize to all those Human Interface purists out there, my apps don't comply with any. All my apps put the user in complete control about which tracks are being processed. The apps always provide a way to limit the scope to tracks that are part of a user selected combination of folders/playlists/crates. Or only the tracks that were modified at or after a given date. This enables last minute on demand conversions when emergency hits within the least amount of time.

Our "online" store
Sellfy.com is my online distribution and sales platform this link will take you to an overview of all apps. PayPal is my payment method.

Video tutorials
In our YouTube channel you find an ever growing number of "how to" videos. These tutorials are not just about the use of our apps but also about other DJ related subjects.

Due to the fast functionality my apps provide it's easy to get lost in how to implement these apps in your particular workflow. That's why www.ATGR.nl is designed as a selection aid. Simply select what software you use currently, what you want to do and the site will show you the required apps, the tutorial video and additional relevant information.

Social networks
Facebook is our social platform of choice. Each app has it's own Facebook page where specifics about the app are shared, new releases announced and artists who use it share their experiences.
And The Groove Remains Production Team Facebook Page
DJ Conversion Utility Facebook Page
Denon Conversion Utility Facebook Page
Traktor Cue and Key Tool Facebook Page
Rekordbox Cue and Key Tool Facebook Page

Our apps will notify during startup when a new version of the app is available. The update is downloaded from within the app.

I take great pride in the ability to quickly answer almost any question and fix any issue users may encounter. Email is the communication channel to reach me. Included with each app is a document named "What to do when you get an error". This document outlines what information is required to quickly solve an issue.