djay Pro 2/AI

djay Pro 2/AI




The apps you need:

What is converted?

  • Cues with names
  • Loops with names
  • Various methods to assign cues and loops to the Rekordbox hot and memory banks
  • Playlist structure in djay is translated into Rekordbox's folders and playlists structure
  • All other metadata both platforms have in common such as genre, artwork, title etc.

You are in control

Select what combination of folders/playlists needs to be converted:

  • A few singled out playlists containing a few hundred tracks which is converted in under a minute when emergency strikes
  • Complex selections of both folders and playlists after the spring cleaning of your collection
  • History lists to only select the tracks that were edited in djay

Read what other artists say

Reviews at the DJ Conversion Utility's Facebook page.

Supported operating system

  • MacOS only (no Windows version planned)

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Youtube video tutorials

The Reverse

From Rekordbox to djay Pro 2/Ai


Because cue colors in djay are not user editable, these are not converted. The Cue and Loop paramter tool (CLP) can assign colors to cues and loops based on their name. CLP is bundled with DJCU for free.