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The iTunes Collection Tool (iCT) is at its core a tool for eliminating duplicate tracks in an iTunes (and collection. iCT uses a technique called audio finger printing, which makes the tags of the tracks irrelevant for finding the duplicates. iCT offers a broad scope of settings to define which track you want to keep as an original (aka master track) and what to do with the duplicate tracks it finds. The playlists remain intact, iCT replaces duplicate tracks with the master track in the playlist(s) the duplicate is part off.

Clean up Collection:

  • Find duplicate tracks in an iTunes/Music collection using audio fingerprinting. This makes duplicates independent from tags and even audio file type.
  • Setting a preferred audio type and quality for the "master track" (e.g. MP3 320Kbs)
  • Automatically select the track of the preferred setting and/or the highest quality as "master track" from a duplicate track set
  • Supplement metadata (star ratings/artwork/playcount etc) in the master track with data from the duplicates.
  • Assign the master track to all the playlists the duplicate tracks are part off and then remove the duplicates from the collection. Or assign them to a dedicated playlist for manual removal.
  • If the file-path of the master track is different from the file-path of the track that is part of the most playlists, then the master track will get the file-path of that track. So any cues/loops etc are
  • preserved in most software and relocation of tracks is not required.
  • remove all "dead tracks" from the iTunes collection (tracks that are not found)
  • Collect all orphaned tracks (tracks that don't belong to any playlist) to a dedicated playlist for easy assignment to playlists or removal.

Adding new tracks to an iTunes or Music collection:

  • Batch process newly downloaded tracks to see if they are already part of the iTunes collection or a new addition. Including all the previous steps for duplicate tracks.
  • If a track is a new addition to the collection then move it to a designated storage location and add it to a designated playlist.

Keyboard shortcuts available in iTunes/Music:

  • quickly skip through tracks in a playlist
  • needle drop in 1/5th steps back and forth a track
  • set the desired star rating and select the next track that has no star rating set
  • find all duplicates of a selected track based on artist/title information and collect those tracks to a dedicated playlist
  • select the master track of any set of tracks that are manually deemed to be duplicates and process these according to the iCT settings
  • return to the playlist you were working one
  • reload the tags of the selected track(s), both iTunes and Music don't have a reload tags function
  • Deep delete track, delete the selected track(s) from iTunes/Music and move the associated audio files to the pre-trash folder.

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Supported operating system

  • MacOS only (no Windows version planned)

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