Mixed In Key 8

Mixed In Key 8

The apps you need:

  • Rekordbox Cue and Key Tool (ReCK)
  • Mixed in Key 8.5 (or higher)

Integration of Rekordbox with Mixed in Key:

  • MiK cues are converted to Rekordbox cues with energy level of the segment in the cue's name
  • Existing cues and loops can be merged or overwritten with MiK cues, or left alone according to user settings
  • Cues set by ReCK can be removed from the Rekordbox collection automatically, maintaining user cues/loops
  • Camelot keys with values lower than 10 can get a preceeding 0 so the key column becomes sortable
  • Comment field can be generated with Camelot key, BPM and energy level as parameters in any given order and will be sortable
  • Works with WAV files

Functionality that does not require Mixed in Key:

  • Merging hot and memory cues and loops together and set them identical

You are in control

Limit the scope of tracks ReCK and MiK proccess to only the latest additions to the Rekordbox collection, for optimum efficiency.

Not some kind of hack

Developed and released with the full approval and endorsement of Mixed in Key

Read what other artists say

Reviews at the Rekordbox Cue and Key Tool's Facebook page.

Supported operating system

  • MacOS only (no Windows version planned)
  • Windows users read on there is a solution for setting memory cues as hot cues.

Buy it here:

Youtube video tutorials

Extra apps that are Included in the ReCK distribution: