Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ




The apps you need:

What is converted?

  • Hot cues with names and colors
  • Saved loops with names and colors
  • Various methods to assign cues and loops to the Rekordbox hot and memory banks
  • (variable!) beatgrids
  • Bpm
  • Track color
  • Virtual DJ's virtualplaylist folder structure is translated into Rekordbox's folders and playlists structure
  • All other metadata both platforms have in common such as star ratings, genre, artwork, title etc

You are in control

Select what combination of VDJ folders and sub folders needs to be converted:

  • A few singled out VDJ folders containing a few hundred tracks which is converted in under a minute when emergency strikes.
  • Complex selections of both folders and sub folders after the spring cleaning of your collection.
  • Entire collection of thousands of tracks.

Read what other artists say

Reviews at the DJ Conversion Utility's Facebook page.

Supported operating system

MacOS only (no Windows version planned)

Buy it here:

Youtube video tutorials

First time on CDJ's take this into account:

  • There is no "single" CDJ, make sure you format your USB drive according to the CDJ's specifications. When in doubt stick to 32Gb FAT.
  • Some CDJ's only have 3 hotcues, some have more
  • The track always starts to play when pressing a hotcue even if the track is paused, this is very different behavior from the gated cues on controllers
  • Mimmic gated cue behavior (as on controllers) by loading a memory cue and using the CUE button (above the Play button).
  • Verify the CDJ is in "vinyl" mode

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