Engine Prime

Engine Prime




The apps you need:

  • Denon Extractor Tool (DeXT) part of the Denon Conversion Utility distribution
  • Rekordbox, the free preparation version from Pioneer's site will do fine

What is converted?

  • Cues with names and colors
  • Loops with names and colors
  • Cues and Loops are stored as both Hot- and Memory-cues
  • Opstionally Bpm an beatmarker
  • Star ratings
  • All other metadata both platforms have in common such as genre, artwork, title etc
  • DeXT attempts to locate the original track audio files. If they can't be located the audio files will be copied to a local destination folder of choice.

Read what other artists say

Reviews at the Denon Conversion Utility's Facebook page

Supported operating system

MacOS only (no Windows version planned)

Buy it here:

Youtube video tutorials


  • Only works with the USB drive you connect to the Prime player/controllers
  • Lead up by Denon Prime history lists, prepare list or playlists,not crates
  • This is a "Sync changes made on the player/controller back to original collection" tool, not a tool to convert an entire collection.