Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro




The apps you need:

What is converted?

  • Cues with names and colors
  • Loops with names and colors
  • Various methods to assign cues and loops to the Rekordbox hot and memory banks
  • Beatmarkers
  • Bpm (Beats per minute)
  • Track color
  • Crate structure in Serato is translated into Traktor's folders and playlists structure
  • All other metadata both platforms have in common such as genre, artwork, title etc.

You are in control

Select what combination of folders/playlists needs to be converted:

  • A few singled out playlists containing a few hundred tracks which is converted in under a minute when emergency strikes
  • Complex selections of both folders and playlists after the spring cleaning of your collection
  • Entire collection of thousands of tracks
  • Only tracks modified at or after a given date, effectively a sync option from one collection to another

Read what other artists say

Reviews at the DJ Conversion Utility's Facebook page.

Supported operating system

  • MacOS only (no Windows version planned)

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Youtube video tutorials

First time on CDJ's take this into account:

  • There is no "single" CDJ, make sure you format your USB drive according to the CDJ's specifications. When in doubt stick to 32Gb FAT.
  • Some CDJ's only have 3 hotcues, some have more
  • The track always starts to play when pressing a hotcue even if the track is paused, this is very different behavior from the gated cues on controllers
  • Mimmic gated cue behavior (as on controllers) by loading a memory cue and using the CUE button (above the Play button).
  • Verify the CDJ is in "vinyl" mode
  • Rekordbox, and therefore CDJ's don't have a separate loop and cue section. Loops and cues are set and triggered from both the hot and memory banks.